What Brought Me Back Here Again


Coming back here only means one thing, Laura is on a school vacation. And yes I definitely am. After a semester of learning more about my great love, Aristotle and of having to sound scholarly in all my write-ups – I am finally writing here in my own language, the language of beauty and fashion. (chos)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being away for five months and breaking yet another promise to my blog readers (refer to the previous post), is that it only meant breaking my heart too (when did I get so cheesy hahaha) I mean I know I promised during the beginning of the school year to blog because I had so many plans on what to blog about and then they all end up being a bluff. Well, my broken camera lens has to take the blame and who else than the author herself for not making time.

Nevertheless, what truly brought me back here is my need for inspiration. And where better to find inspiration than here. So shall we begin again?

<3, Laura Posadas

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