Gone are the Days


 Gone are the days when we're all out enjoying the sun because the dark clouds have been summoned. Cebu City has been having frequent rainy days and you're lucky if you're at home when it does because you'd probably be all cuddled up in a sweater with a hot drink and a rainy day playlist.

But if you're out, good luck to you because with heavy rain comes heavy traffic. And best of luck to those of you who'd be only commuting (like me, the other day.) because it's just a zombie apocalypse out there. It has been every commuter's nightmare.

It has been darker in the real world too. School has officially begun and all my focus goes to that. That's why according to my previous blog post there would be higher chances of being blog inactive and that presumption came true. There was no blog entry for the whole month of June. Resulting to this blog post which simply serves as an update of how I've been doing and a friendly wave to my readers. Hello! How have you been doing? and what do you want me to blog about next? Comment them down below!

<3, Laura Posadas

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