Crème de Rose


Mock neck tops + culottes are absolutely trendy as of the moment. Everyone's embracing the whole 70s vibe and even I can't resist but to join in. This pink culotte will most likely be the next bottom that I will overuse because of it's comfy and laid back feel. I mean who doesn't want to wear something as lazy as this but dressy at the same time?! And because summer is coming to an end and the wet season is here, it's about time we embrace long sleeves and sweaters again. (Well, not entirely sweaters because we still are in the Philippines.) 

 I mentioned that we're parting ways with summer then I guess I'm back to being blog inactive(?) Well, I hope not because I still have pending ideas on what to blog so be not dismayed. I'm loyal to you readers haha. Till my next post!

<3, Laura Posadas
Top -Fab    Bottom - Fab   Shoes - H&M      Bag- Sfera

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  1. And, I'm one of those loyal readers. Haha! :)

  2. It's my first time to see you wear long culottes ate laur. Angayan kayka :)

  3. what filter do you use for your insta?