All White


In contrast to my previous outfit post, I went formal with this one. Because this was what I wore to my friend's debut which was an all-white party. Now, my glammed up face and black heels all make sense to you. I opted for a classy, sophisticated look with my ribbed crop top and white maxi-length skort. I love love love how it looks like culottes at the back but a long straight skirt in front. 

And if ever you're wondering how I suddenly got fierce in all my shots, well I got braces. And it's difficult to smile closed mouth without my braces peeking through my lips. So bare with me for I am still in the process of getting used to how I position my mouth. But so far, how do you think I look without my usual smiles? Comment them down below!

Thank you.
<3, Laura Posadas
Top - Topshop     Skort - Zara     Shoes - Parisian     Accessories- Forever 21, Parfois

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  1. Don't worry you still look gorgeous even if you're not smiling. :)

  2. Still looking so fine and gorgeous ate laur, even if you're fierce ��