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I was going through my blog, pressing buttons and reading posts. Then I realized how outdated my introduction to my blog was. It’s still the same introduction I wrote when I was fourteen. I just leave it as it is except when I turn a year older and change the part where I indicate my age. But now that I turned seventeen I don’t think the introduction to my blog still fits me. I’m not that same girl anymore. The girl behind Blissful in pink is not the same girl when this blog was created three years ago.

Looking back to the fourteen-year-old me who wrote this bio, I created Blissful in Pink because I wanted to look for a new passion. And to blog at that young age was something so easy and effortless because first, I had loads of free time. Second, the resources were readily available (camera etc.) and lastly I had an already experienced blogger sister. Creating a blog was definitely a walk in the park for me.

And from how I perceive it now, I'm just glad this blog has made it this far. Despite the inconsistencies and hiatuses in between, I still managed to keep coming back. So I guess it's safe to say that I've reached the goal of this blog – to find a new passion and share it with the world. When once I called this a mere experiment now something a part of me.

But throughout the years, I have also changed as the Laura who had an overflow of optimism and who focused in her own world of all things pink – to the Laura who is very aware of worldly realities, of social issues and of politics. (When I entered college, of course.) But where does she stand? Will she always be that whimsical, dainty girl who cared so much about her outfit of the day or will she be the empowered soon-to-be political scientist who wants to contribute to the change she wishes to see in the world? Well, she will strive to be both. She has no idea how yet but she will get there. That is the Laura now and that is the girl behind Blissful in pink.

So inline with all this, I just recently changed my bio so you probably should check it out. It's less cheesier than the first one.
 <3, Laura Posadas
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  1. Another great post! I've also been so very much interested in the politics since I entered college. Stay beautiful!

    1. What's your academic program? Haha thank you! :)

    2. I'm in the field of Information Technolgy. But originally I really want to study Law but sadly I don't have enough time, Because I'm serving a 2 year mission in our church. :)

    3. Aaah, that's good to know! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the love! I read your blog too :)